Drop anchor and stay for a while DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

According to the latest research, teenagers’ bonds with their parents affect their sleep.


If you don’t have a good bond with your parents, you’d be up all night worrying about the lack of bond. And that’s a kind of bond Crazy Glue won’t fix.

The research did not discuss the impact of deadlines, finals, study sessions, interesting sporting events, parties down the hall, important phone calls texts from friends, 8 am classes, unexpected fire drills, or snoring roommates on sleeping, so in my opinion it is flawed research at best.

In other news, McDonald’s had an employee website (McResources—seriously) which provided all sorts of “helpful” information to Mickey D’s employees. Like how much to tip au pairs and fitness trainers (um, really? These folks work at McDonalds. Don’t think they can afford a fitness trainer or an au pair.). Recently (as in a few days ago) the site carefully explained to employees that eating fast food wasn’t a particularly healthy choice. Rumor has it that Ronald lost it and so the company pulled down the entire website. Ya’ think?

Happy Thursday.

Love, Mom