Dear Kid,

Labor Day is all about celebrating the workers in our society. Which—depending on how you look at things—is pretty much everyone.

Today I want to talk about a labor of love: writing

Sometimes people ask how I write a blog every day. Today I shall attempt to answer that question with something other than “um…well, I don’t really know.”

Sometimes blogs just appear, fully written, just needing to be typed out.

Often, I write them in my head, while walking the dog, driving to work, or at the gym, trying out sentences and rewriting them as necessary.

Sometimes it’s harder. I stare at the blank screen, willing words to appear. I can pretty much always manage to get “Dear Kid” written down. The rest of the words, not so much.

Sometimes it feels like I have a good idea. One short paragraph later, I hit delete. It’s the modern equivalent of ripping the paper out of the typewriter and crumpling it up. (Remind me to explain to you what a typewriter is.)

In the olden days, we used to write on paper.

Some days I write about what’s going on in my life. Some days I write about what’s going weird in the world. Some days I write about what went on in the world a zillion years ago. Some days I make up what should be going on in the world.

People have asked why I have a car Post-It note holder in my car...

People have asked why I have a Post-It note holder in my car. The answer is because some days, this is how you write a blog.

Some days this is how to write a blog.

Happy Labor Day!

Love, Mom