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Grapefruit, Blog Topics, and Extreme Conversation

Dear Kid,

Pi was sitting on the floor peeling a grapefruit. The puppy was observing. Closely.

Me: I need a topic for tomorrow’s blog
Pi: The History of Grapefruit
Me: Is the history of grapefruit interesting?
Pi: Look it up. I’ll keep eating
I checked with My Friend the Internet.
Me: No, this is kind of boring. Except, get this. “The fruit is yellow-orange skinned and generally an oblate spheroid shape”
Pi: It’s what?
Me: Oblate spheroid
Pi: Hey Dad! What shape is a grapefruit?
Dad: Round
Pi: Nope. It’s…what is it again?
Me: Oblate spheroid.
Pi: So are you going to write about grapefruit?
Me: Nope. I can’t find a way to make it amusing in my head
Pi: I think this is very amusing. You should write about grapefruit
Me: I’ll consider it. Any other ideas?
Pi: What about the difference between cacao and cocoa?
Me: Huh?
Pi: There’s a difference. You should write about it.
We turn to MFTI. We find lots of information
Pi: So are you going to write about cacao and cocoa?
Me: Um, probably not.
Pi: I find this fascinating.
Me: I need an idea
Pi: What about a blog with a Message?
Me: Like what?
Pi: Like dog fights
Me: What?!
Pi: Because those are bad
Me: But I don’t have anything to say other than “they’re bad”
Pi: You can look it up. And tell people they’re bad. And then add a link
Me: A link?
Pi: So people can donate to help stop dog fights
I sigh
Pi: The grapefruit idea is looking pretty good right about now, isn’t it?
She turns so the puppy can lick her grapefruit covered fingers
Pi: You are so lucky to be in this house. You have a lucky bootie
Me: What does that mean?
Puppy: I have a lucky booty
Me: I still don’t really know what that means
Pi: That his boo-tay is lucky
Me: How is it lucky?
Pi: Because he lives in this house
Puppy: She’s talking a lot
Me: What did he just do?
Pi: He put his nose on my nose
Puppy: I’m trying to make this stop
Pi: He’s trying to make this stop! That is hilarious!!!
The puppy put his nose and eyes under his blanket. I know the feeling. DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: What do I push to make it all stop?
Me: I think he wants to nap
Pi: He bonked my nose again. That is so funny!!!
Puppy: Nap time
Me: So much for a Great Blog Idea
Pi: You should probably write about grapefruit

The puppy put his nose and eyes under his blanket. I know the feeling.

Love, Mom

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Trying to Write a Blog Among the Morning Chaos

Dear Kid,

I bruised my wrist yesterday, which is making typing dificu diffff difac hard. (Don’t ask. Let’s just say it was a Genius Move Typical of Your Mother and leave it at that.)

Typing a blog shouldn't be this hard. DearKidLoveMom.comPi: Do you want me to type for you?
Me: Don’t you have homework to do?
Pi: Yes, but I’m offering to help you
Me: Very kind, but I’m still trying to figure out what to write about
Pi: Fine, I’m just offering
Puppy: I can help
Me: That’s sweet, but I don’t think you know how to type
Pi: I know how to type. That’s why I offered to help
Me: Thank you. Homework
Puppy: I can type
Me: You can?
Puppy: Of course
Me: You got a nose print on my screen
Puppy: See? I am terrific at this
Me: You have to press the keys to type
Puppy: OK
Dad: What am you doing? Since when is the Puppy allowed to touch your computer?
Puppy: All done
Me: I don’t even want to know what “njkm” means…
Puppy: It means I pressed the keys.
Me: That it does
Pi: Should have let me help
Me: Fine. You’re right. Can you come help?
Pi: Nope. Doing homework.
Tal: What is all the noise?
Pi: Don’t look at me. I’m doing homework
Puppy: I typed!
Me: I’m trying to write a blog. It’s not going well
Tal: I think I will make coffee
Puppy: I will help because I love you
Tal: Good morning, Boo-ker
Puppy: I love you I love you I love you!!
Me: How did I lose control of the situation?
Dad: What makes you think you had control?
Me: I didn’t?
Dad: Not this morning, lady
Pi: I’m going to football practice
Puppy: I love Tal
Pi: And after practice we can go dress shopping
Puppy: Can I go dress shopping?
Pi: No baby, not today
Me: I still need a blog topic
Pi: And shoe shopping
Tal: I will like to go shopping too
Me: Perhaps I’ll go back to bed until then
Dad: I thought you had a blog to write
Puppy: I will write the blog! What’s a blog?
Me: Coffee. Maybe I just need more coffee

And another morning is off and running.

Love, Mom

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