Spilled Nail Polish Never a good start to the DayDear Kid,

Well, it’s going to be One of Those Days. It’s barely today and so far I have killed the blender (complete with plastic shrapnel flying all over the kitchen), spilled nail polish on my pants, crashed my computer, and lost a hubcap.

I can hardly wait to see what happens in the next hour.

I have a knack for killing blenders. No one has ever accused me of being a culinary genius and I have had my fair share of kitchen disasters  (usually involving burning the bottom of pots, smoking up the kitchen, or both). But I don’t generally destroy appliances. Except blenders. No idea why that is. Any thoughts?

There are days where the blender dies and the nail polish spills. In the 80s they were generically called Bad Hair Days. It just didn’t matter what you did, your hair was simply not going to follow any part of a plan. It was hair throwing a tantrum. With a lot of hairspray. Which made the Bad Hair Day worse because hair looked shellacked and you inhaled a lot of sticky aerosol fumes. Yum.

I have no what the current equivalent is. One of THOSE Days will just have to do for now.

On the positive side, I recovered the hubcap and it is now riding happily inside the car, taking up space and not doing it’s job. If you’re in the mood to bash something, may I suggest replacing the hubcap as a suitable use for excess energy.

Incidentally, I checked with the Car Talk Dudes about hubcaps. According to Tom and Ray, hubcaps look good (and might prevent mushrooms from growing in the backseat) but they serve no other purpose. I am, however, a great believer in a bit of bling, so back on goes the hubcap.

Hope you have a much better start to your day.

Love, Mom