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July 4th 2016 | Happy Birthday America!

Dear Kid,

Have you ever noticed that no one sets off fireworks on your birthday? They don’t on mine either.

Fourth of JulyAnd yet, as we celebrate America’s (faux) birthday (read about the faux-ness here), there will be plenty of fireworks.

And hot dogs. And beer. And concerts.

And more fireworks.

And rain. Lots and lots of rain. At least in our neck of the woods.

Which will make the aforementioned festivities much less festive.

Or at least soggier.

Now, just because the forecasters are predicting rain does not necessarily mean rain will arrive. Weather forecasters are notoriously good at being wrong. And still keeping their jobs.

Also, this is Southwest Ohio. So when they say “rain” they might very well mean sleet. Or tornadoes. Or purple unicorns.

Personally, I’d be in favor of unicorns, purple or otherwise.

Regardless of the weather (or lack thereof), my hope is that our country continues to thrive and provide freedom for many, many, many years.

Happy Fourth of July, Kiddo.

Love, Mom

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Some Things Age Better Than Others

Dear Kid,

Some things age better than others.

Grandfathers definitely get better with age. DearKidLoveMom.comThe green beans I forgot to cook and eventually discovered in the back of the refrigerator did not age well.

Ice cream cakes do not age well.

Grudges do not age well. Too often the hurt and anger remain long after the reason for the grudge is forgotten.

Fashions do not generally age well. Style is – by definition – transient. Just think of some of the trends of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Worse yet, think of the “must haves” from just a few years ago that you would never-in-a-million-years even consider wearing again.

On the other hand, some things continue to improve with age.

Much of the famous art in the world wasn’t worth much when it was created but is now way, way, waaaay out of your price range.

A great pair of jeans only gets better with age. As long as they are timeless jeans. The trendy ripped jeans will disintegrate and look dated as they age (which is OK, because they look GREAT now).

Leather jackets, the kind that are real, well-made leather, turn warm and buttery soft with age. Yum.

Antiques age well. Otherwise, they’d be called “brokens.”

Wine and whiskey age well. Usually they get better the older they are (unless the wine turns into vinegar, in which case you probably have the fixings for a really good salad dressing, so that’s good too).

Grandfathers definitely get better with age. Calls yours to say Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom

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What’s So Special About Being 21?

Dear Kid,

I remember reading somewhere that people spend their childhood trying to grow up to get to their 21st birthday and the rest of their lives trying to get back to being 21. It was probably said better than that, but you get the idea.

Happy 21st birthday! DearKidLoveMom.comSome people consider 21 the age a person becomes an adult. You can vote—oh, wait, you can do that at 18. You can join the military—no, that’s 18 too. You can sign legal documents—again, 18.

I know. It must be that you can no longer be covered on our medical insurance—nope, that’s 26. It’s probably that you can no longer call me “mommy”—nah, that’s a forever title.

So what’s the big deal about 21? Oh, right. Alcohol.

I remember the joy and pride of being able to order an adult beverage with the certainty that your ID is legit and you can legally purchase whatever you want. Although—trust me on this one—it’s even better to be carded when you’re 35.

I also remember the joy and pride (not) of my first Really Great Hangover which I will not tell you about (except to say it was in close proximity to my 21st birthday and I hope you are smart enough never to enjoy that experience).

At 21 you are also old enough to gamble, buy a gun, and get a concealed carry permit. Try not to mix any or all of the above.

So what’s so special about being 21? Check the mirror. You’re the Special.

Happy 21st, kiddo.

Love, Mom


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MadTree, Pizza, Charity, and a Birthday

Dear Kid,

Last night we went to MadTree Brewery for a celebration for Ohio River Foundation and Dad’s birthday. Unless it was Dad’s birthday and an ORF celebration.

Ohio River Foundation talks about the Ohio River at MadTree Brewery.

Either way, we were there.

We had a goat cheese pizza and a variation on mac and cheese. One of these days I’ll remember to photograph food before we eat it.

Goat Cheese Pizza at MadTree. Ohio River Foundation talks about the Ohio River at MadTree Brewery.

Ohio River Foundation is the charity of the month at MadTree. So if you go to MadTree during December, you can throw a dollar (or many dollars) up on the screen, and at the end of the month the money will go to ORF. (They get the money down from the screens with a leaf blower!)

Goat Cheese Pizza at MadTree. Ohio River Foundation is the charity of the month at MadTree Brewery.

Happy today,

Love, Mom


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Uncle Sean’s Birthday, the Card, and the Kitchen Table

Dear Kid,

It’s going to get blamed on me. It’s not exactly my fault, but people often overlook the kitchen table as a Viable Culprit. I am definitely going to get blamed.

Happy Birthday! DearKidLoveMom.comToday is Uncle Sean’s birthday.

I bought a card about two weeks ago. It’s a great card in general. It is a particularly great card for Uncle Sean.

I made sure to have Pi sign it last weekend before she left for one of her various activities. I left it for you and Dad to sign. I’m pretty sure it was at that point that the kitchen table stepped in.

We have a nice kitchen table. It’s generally pretty understanding about having various condiments and beverages spilled on it. It’s accommodating when someone dumps a knapsack on it. It doesn’t generally shove a large pile of papers onto the floor when someone leaves them too near the edge. Every now and then it will reach out and bite someone on the ankle, but for the most part it is very well behaved.

Up until now.

Maybe the scale was a bad influence; I’m not sure.

The table took the card and slid it into a time warp. Not a big time warp mind you, just a handy, card-sized pocket of a time warp. Then it sat quietly and watched.

The thing about time warps is that you don’t notice them. When you look at them, your eyes slide right around to the other side without noticing that you’re overlooking the important part. Like magicians, only moreso.

For the last week, I’ve overlooked the card—not on purpose, but because of the time warp and the kitchen table. It’s not until I’m about to fall asleep or at work (it can be hard to tell the two apart) that I think “Uncle Sean’s birthday is coming up. I MUST get that card in the mail tomorrwwwww…zzzzz….”

Google put an end to the problem when it popped up a calendar reminder this morning.

It is well-known that Google (with or without the Alphabet) is stronger than most (but not all) of the kitchen tables in the world.

As I marched downstairs this morning, I therefore muttered in my sternest voice, “Now would be an excellent time to put that card right back where you found it.”

Kitchen tables have excellent hearing. There’s no need to yell if you know what you’re doing.

Lo and behold, there was the card happily waiting to be sealed in an envelope and sent eastward.

The kitchen table didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed.

Which left only one problem.

The USPS can’t pick up here and deliver there on the same day.

Which means Uncle Sean’s birthday card will be late.

Happy birthday Uncle Sean! From all of us (except the kitchen table who is currently in a time out).

Love, Mom


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