Dear Kid,

Apparently (and by “apparently” I mean “oops”) I published yesterday’s blog without the link to the French fry video, so here it is: click here for French fry April Fool ad.

Speaking of fast food, did I tell you about the Big Mac Museum?

It’s so ridiculous, it’s awesome.

The Big Mac Museum is inside an actual Mickey D restaurant just outside of Pittsburgh.

There is a big Big Mac

Big Mac at the Big Mac Museum.

And the world’s largest Big Mac.

Big Mac at the Big Mac Museum.

Not to mention a plethora of Big Mac memorabilia.

Big Mac memorabilia at the Big Mac Museum.

Which is fantastic if you like things like that.

For those of us who happened to stop at the Big Mac Museum on our way from Here to There, it was an awesome rest stop. (Even though none of us had a Mac, big or otherwise.)

Love, Mom