i love you kid, happy mother's dayDear Kid,

It’s Mother’s Day. While I have talked about Mother’s Day before (several times), it is worth mentioning that without you and Pi I wouldn’t be celebrating today as a mom. (As a kid yes, but not as a mom.)

Thank you for being a wonderful kid. Thank you for all the happy days, the less than happy days, the smiles, and the occasional nodded acknowledgement from the football field, hockey rink, soccer field, and volleyball court. Thank you for saying, “How was your day, mama?” at the most unexpected times.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn how to yell by just raising an eyebrow. Thank you for not fussing too much when asked to carry groceries into the house (and thank you for not eating all of them before they get inside).

Thank you for not being too old to hug me or to go out to lunch with me every now and then. Thank you for asking my opinion. Thank you for occasionally even listening to it.

You are a great kid. I am thrilled to be part of it. You teach me something every day (whether you know it or not).

I love you, kid. And I love being your mom.

Love, me