Dear Kid,

We were having a lovely GNO (Girls’ Night Out) dinner.

“I have to tell you,” I said, “I lied to you.”

DJ got on her best ‘OK, I’m Listening face.’

“Remember when I told you I’m only judgmental about people who try to force-feed me kale?”

She nodded.

“I lied.”

Her eyes got big while she waited.

“I’m also judgmental about people who are cruel to animals. And about people who abuse children.”

DJ nodded. “Probably also about people who throw litter out their car window while they’re driving 70 mph on the highway.”

“All in all, I’m a lot more judgmental than I thought I was,” I concluded.

I waited for her reaction.

“That’s it?” she said.

“There might be more. But that’s what’s coming to mind right now.”

Never look down on anyone unless you're helping him up. Jesse Jackson“Uh-huh,” she summarized, “well, that seals it. You’re human.”

We like to believe we’re non-judgmental. We like to believe we can accept people for who they are, what they believe in, and how they act.

Most of us have strong values and beliefs. Most of us believe that our values allow us to be open and accepting about everyone else’s values and beliefs.

And for most of us, that’s true—up to a point.

Because for most of us, our beliefs don’t stretch open far enough to allow us to be accepting of people who abuse children. Or who mistreat animals.

Which makes us better humans.

And that is a good thing.

Love, Mom