coke zeroDear Kid,

Tonight was the spring band concert in which your sister proved that she is quite capable of chewing gum and playing percussion at the same time. For the record: I love chewing gum; I have at times been a chain chewer. But spit out the gum before you go on stage.

The concert was very nice. She did much better than in the fall when she was getting over her concussion. Boom-boom-boom, counting, and concussion are a fairly evil combination.

This was probably her last band concert; she decided her priorities don’t include time for band next year.

Things I learned tonight:

  • Female trombonists who are seniors have great shoes.
  • Playing percussion can be a serious upper body workout if you do it right.
  • It’s fun to watch the players who are obviously counting the beat.
  • A lot of music sounds like Mission Impossible for the first measure or two.
  • I am not really a fan of atonal, modern music. I am a fan of Pi no matter what the music is.
  • Coke Zero has more caffeine than I thought. Gonna be up for a while.

If you’re awake, give me a call. Otherwise, talk to you soon.

Love, Mom