Dear Kid,

The Nutcracker is unlike any other ballet. So Sayeth Thy Uncle David many years ago. As I recall, I was kind of a twit when he told me this but I have remembered his words which might slightly offset the twittness.

The point is that this time of year pretty much every ballet company puts on The Nutcracker and combines fun music, excellent dancing, and adorable children with holiday delight for a fundraising grand slam (to mix a metaphor or two). Aunt Florence wanted to be the one to take you to see The Nutcracker for the first time. Unfortunately, that never happened. But when I think of The Nutcracker, I think of Aunt Florence.

I will pointe out (dancing on pointe, get it?) that there are other ballets in addition to The Nutcracker, and you probably know the music from several of them. But since you have a rotten mother, I don’t think you’ve ever attended a live ballet.

One lovely ballet is Swan Lake. It is the story about many ballerinas on a stage. Being the kind of mother I am, I am about to ruin Swan Lake for you. Nothing you can ever hope to see can live up to this. (Ever seen ballet with a spotter before? I thought not.) It’s 7 minutes or so, which I realize is a ridiculously long time for someone of your generation, but trust me–this is worth it. And I happen to know you have some free time on your hands today.

Happy Today,

Love, Mom