Dear Kid,

You have a brand new cousin! (Technically, a second cousin, but I think we’ll stick with “cousin”.)

Because brand new babies need advice, I went back into the archives and found a letter you wrote many years ago in anticipation of this day.

Hello baby! Welcome to the World DearKidLoveMom.comDear Baby Cousin,

Welcome to the World!

There is so much to learn—fortunately, you have years and years to learn it all. But I’m sending you this letter to help you with the basics and to teach you some of my favorite baby games.

  • Be happy. Refuse to nap. Continue to be happy. Continue to refuse to nap. Keep mom from napping too.
  • Be unhappy. Refuse to nap. Let the world know you are unhappy. When the world doesn’t cater to you, turn up the volume.
  • Coo happily. Wait until Mom is ready to leave the house. Barf. In her hair.
  • Explain that you are hungry. Refuse to eat.
  • Be completely unreasonable. Wait until Grandma and Grandpa arrive. Behave like an angel.
  • When Mommy holds you, grab her hair. Don’t let go. Amaze everyone with your strength. If you’re feeling very advanced, wrap your fingers in her hair and get very, very stuck. Laugh until you figure out it’s not funny, then howl.

Love, Your Cousin The Kid

Do you remember all those games? I can’t wait to share them with your children.

Love, Mom