Grandpa showing off the Utica Zoo on the wall at Applebees!

Look who’s showing off the Utica Zoo on the wall at Applebees!

Dear Kid,

Greetings from the Small World Department. Yesterday morning, I had coffee with a woman who is the daughter of Grandma Lala’s matron of honor. She now lives here in Cincinnati. As we talked, we kept unearthing small world connections. Turns out she grew up less than five miles from where Grandma Lala grew up on Long Island. And she worked for Avon for a while (not while I worked there but we know some of the same people). And…you get the point.

(Just in case you’re not sure what the point is, I’ll clarify: Be nice. You never know who is connected to whom.)

I really enjoyed spending time with her. We’ll invite them for dinner sometime this summer (perhaps you can be persuaded to grill…..).

Also from the Small World files, Grandma and Grandpa went to Applebee’s for dinner last night. Guess what they saw on the wall as part of the photo montage? Cool, huh? Welcome to the small world.

(Point number 2: Behave. You never know when the cameras are on.)

Pi is just about all packed for camp. I’m not sure why, but this year packing seemed to go exceptionally smoothly. I’m not complaining, just sayin’.

In other news, I have officially taken my laptop off life support and declared it dead. In fact it’s less that it’s dead and more that it’s killing all the adapters and refusing to accept life support in the form of electricity. Funnily enough, laptops don’t work without some form of power. You know, like electricity. Since the baby won’t charge, won’t accept power, and is destroying any adapter I attach to it, I decided I  have to move on.

Which leads to the problem of buying a new laptop. Which means investigating. And trying to figure out what screen size (pretty easy), how much memory (less easy), what speed (middling easy), what brand (yark!), and what model (arrrrgh!).  Also I need to make the decision pretty quickly because working on my little bitty dude is slllllooooowwww. Slower than slow. Any suggestions? (No, I am not getting an iPad.)

Love, Mom