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Work Like a Dog Day & How to Interpret the Phrase

Dear Kid,

Today is Work Like a Dog Day. Presumably this is to honor people who work super hard.

Not what we generally mean by "working like a dog." DearKidLoveMom.comI think we’ve got the phrase all wrong.

So I consulted my local canine expert, the Puppy himself.

Puppy: Napping
Me: I have questions
Puppy: Napping
Me: But you’re an expert
Puppy: Napping
Me: What if I have treats?
Puppy: Awake. Do you have treats?
Me: No, you’ve had enough treats. Now can I ask my questions?
Puppy: Napping

Working dogs work very hard and are (generally) really good at their jobs. Have you seen the video of the KLM dog returning lost items to their owners? Prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness.

I am crazy impressed and in love with working dogs. From bomb and drug sniffing dogs to guide dogs to rescue dogs to herding dogs to assistance dogs, I think they are fantastic and the people who train them are heroes.

Our dog just happens to not be a working dog except under the most extreme circumstances. And by extreme circumstances I mean if there is food or cuddling involved.

True working dogs work very hard. The rest of the canine population not so much.

So when you say “work like a dog” it’s a little unclear which kind of pooch you’re referring to.

Which means no matter what you do, you might be working like a dog.

Love, Mom



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National Dog Day | Puppy Has His Say

Dear Kid,

Being Adorable is Exhausting DearKidLoveMom.comLast night the puppy climbed into my lap, put is paws on my chest, and stared at me with huge eyes.

Puppy: You blew it.
Me: Undoubtedly. What are we talking about?
Puppy: National Dog Day
Me: Yes
Puppy: On August 26th
Me: Yes
Puppy: You didn’t write about it
Me: True
Puppy: You. Blew. It.
Me: I’m sorry
Puppy: Do you know that dogs are important?
Me: Of course
Puppy: There are working dogs and cuddling dogs and dogs that work at cuddling, and you FORGOT to write about their day!
Me: I didn’t forget. Not exactly
Puppy: There are LOTS of dogs that need to be rescued
Me: You’re a rescue puppy
Puppy: And adorable
Me: And adorable
Puppy: And in charge of security
Me: And adorable
Puppy: And you missed our Day.
Me: Wait a minute. I’ve written about dogs that work for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Diabetes Dogs and K-9 Dogs and International Dog Assistance Week and Rescue Dogs. And I write about you.
Puppy: You do?
Me: I do. Besides, isn’t pretty much every day National Dog Day?
Puppy: Not bath day
Me: Not even when the bath is over?
Puppy: Every day is Dog Day?
Me: Especially at the end of summer
Puppy: Huh?
Me: Never mind
Puppy: So, if every day is National Dog Day…
Me: Yes?
Puppy: I should get a treat
Me: You should, huh?
Puppy: Yes
Me: I thought you might say something like that. Come on!

Happy National Dog Day August 26th and Every Day

Love, Mom (and Booker)

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