Dear Kid,

Not to worry. Yes, we got 7 ½ inches of snow last night and yes there is a lot of ice, but we’re fine. Booker slid around a little unexpectedly this morning (the broken pipe left quite an ice rink out front) but nothing we couldn’t handle.

After breakfast of Eggs Benedict (I am getting really good at homemade Hollandaise sauce), Dad and I finished painting the foyer. We’ve never built scaffolding before, so it was a bit of an adventure painting the second story from a somewhat uneven platform. I’m happy with the way it turned out and I’m glad I let Dad talk me into a pea soup green sort of shade. It’s not easy being green, whether you’re a frog or a wall.

I’m hoping the ice melts quickly because they are supposed to begin construction on the bi-level pool next week, and I’m sure we’ll have overages and permitting problems if we fall behind schedule. I’ve already bought Booker a doggy flotation device but I’m sure he’ll love his swimming lessons.

Pi is being actively recruited to play basketball (forward) in college. She is trying to decide whether to join a b’ball school or become a brain surgeon.

I’m going to New York later today to meet the Mayor and accept an award on the Food Network (did I mention my incredible Hollandaise?). I expect it will be a long day, but I’ll be home before dinner which is important because I am releasing a home-hacked version of gmail this evening.

Happy April.

Love, Mom