Dear Kid,

As we have previously established (April 15: The Good, The Truth, And How to Survive It), April 15th is not a notoriously fabulous day.

It should be a fantabulous day, and in some respects it is, but overall, April 15 has a bad rap.

Puppy: Move over
Me: Excuse me?
Puppy: It’s called A Present. I am Present to write today’s blog.
Me: Do you know how to type?
Puppy: Good point. I’ll tell you and you type.
Me: We can try
Puppy: Dear Kid (that’s how you start, right?)
Me: Works for me
Puppy: April 15th is a great day. I pooped.
Me: Seriously? You want me to write that?
Puppy: TYPE!
Me: Typing
Puppy: I have a busy day planned. It is called Breakfast, Dinner, and Napping.
Me: You live one crazy life, buddy
Puppy: Maybe today Mom will give me the new present she bought for me
Me: Stop looking at me like that. And today is not the day
Puppy: It’s not doing anyone any good sitting on the counter
Me: Besides, how did you know about it?
Puppy: I am The Puppy. I know everything
Me: Uh-huh
Puppy: Napping is very important. There are many different kinds of napping. There is curled-up napping, napping with your nose under a blanket, napping with your legs straight out. Some dogs even like napping on their backs, but that seems ridiculous to me.
Me: Good thing you’re not judgmental
Puppy: I’m a dog. I love everyone. There is napping on my pillow, napping on the porch, napping on my blanket, and napping wherever the pack is.
Me: Very busy.
Puppy: Very. And I have new food. Dad thinks I didn’t notice, but of course I noticed. But it’s food, so I don’t complain.
Me: Generous of you
Puppy: Mom says it’s called “senior food” which means I can go to college when I finish it
Me: Not sure you got that interpretation quite right
Puppy: Happy April 15th. Love, Booker
Me: Got it
Puppy: You typed that very well. I have to go nap now.

Happy April 15th.

Love, Mom

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