Dear Kid,

It’s nearing the end of the first quarter and the Bengals are not exactly winning. By which I mean they are down 10:0 to the Ravens of Baltimore. We’re watching with the sound off because Pi is doing homework in the kitchen. By “doing homework” I mean she is narrating the process of reading and taking notes from her AP Euro book.

It sounds something like this: This is so stupid (Pi, don’t say stupid) Well it is. Who cares about this? No one cares about this! Seriously, even the people  then didn’t care about this…wait, this is hilarious—I have to read it to you “the pastures were open to the pigs of the community.” Isn’t that funny? I think that is really funny. Is it just me or is that really funny? (Pretty much just you, kiddo.) Seriously? I think that line is really funny. All pigs, come on down!….this is so stupid (Pi!) well it is.

Second quarter. Still 10:0. Bengals have the ball. But not for long. And a missed FG. Says Pi, “It’s ok. The best of us miss field goals.” (Go back to work, Pi.) I am! I’m just zoomin’ along here. Just a half page to go. (More work, Pi, less talk.) OK, Ok, ok.

Yesterday, my friend Sue and I drove up to Traders World (the big flea market on 75 north of the outlet mall) to wander around, shake our heads in amazement at some of the things people will buy, and then buy things that obviously were the Right Things to buy. We agreed that it is not someplace we will feel the need to go on a regular basis, but once every several years is fun.

Still second quarter. Still 10:0. But the Bengals just intercepted the ball, so yay Bengals. And we dropped it. And recovered. But not for long.

This is so stupid. (Pi, I don’t know if you mean the football game or your homework, but get back to work please.) Yeah, yeah.

Love, Mom