Dear Kid,

For some, today is a day of rest. For me, today is a day of Doing.

Puppy: I shall take care of the Very Important Napping

It will not surprise you to learn I have a List and that it is not a short List. Nor will it surprise you to learn that I am still adding to the List.

Puppy: I have a list. It says “Nap, Eat, Play”

Dad and Pi are off at soccer tryouts and I am determined to Get Things Accomplished.

Puppy: You have too much energy

One of the things I hope to get done today is fix DearKidLoveMom. When we moved to our new hosting service, about two weeks’ worth of blogs fled into cyberspace. I hope to get them reposted today. This probably means they’ll show up in your email which means that you can either efficiently clean out your inbox or re-read them because you weren’t very awake the first time they came through.

Puppy: Ridiculous

In case you were wondering what else happened on June 13, I am delighted to tell you that June 13, 1966 was when the Miranda Rights were established. These days everyone knows about Miranda because we all watch enough episodes of Law & Order to have them memorized. But back then it was new and novel.

Also on this day in 323, Alexander the Great died. He was a very interesting…

Puppy: No one cares

Me: You have the right to remain silent too

Have a great day, kiddo.

Love, Mom