Dear Kid,

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood—and I didn’t even have to change my cardigan to say so.

It’s also a big, list-full-of-things-to-do day.

That’s the trouble with Mondays—they have a habit of intruding the day before. While today is technically weekend-relaxing, it is also DEADLINE DAY.

Part of me wants laze around, snuggle the puppy, and paint my fingernails. Another part of me if going in to overdrive: MUST GET THINGS DONE! Another part of me points to the piles of things I’ve been putting off for a while (pretty sure that part includes a raised eyebrow). Another part of me is suggesting that going shopping might be an excellent way to spend a few hours. And of course there’s the “Get to the gym” part.

Unfortunately, the part that’s supposed to referee and prioritize all this seems to have run off with the part that wants to hang out and go to the movies.

Speaking of which, did you know there’s a Despicable Me 3 movie coming out?mini More minions—I’m so happy.

Yesterday, Dad and I worked on the catch-and-release part of gardening (digging up weeds, finding the worms, and setting the wigglers free while throwing the weeds away). The Puppy was supremely not interested in the worms or the digging. He was, however, extremely interested in the treats I had in my pocket, so he agreed (mostly) to stay within hailing distance in case I should decide to share with him.

Off to go try to settle the argument about what to do today. And since I’m in charge, I think we’ll start with another cup of coffee.

Love, Mom