Dear Kid,

Did you think things had gotten better? Wrong.

Stupidity is running rampant.

Remember when eating cinnamon was the Stupid Stunt of the Day? Bad idea. Really bad.

And then we had Krokodil which was a version of heroine that pretty much guaranteed death. Bad idea. Really bad. Really, really bad. The only good news (if you can call it that) is that most people didn’t (don’t?) have access or interest in trying it.

Now we’ve got some new (and frankly terrifying) trends. These are bad, bad, bad ideas.

Vodka eyeballing is a new—and incredibly stupid—way of getting drunk. You ready for this? People are pouring vodka directly from the bottle even into their eyes. You heard me. Directly. Into. Their. Eyes. The idea is that there a ton of blood vessels in your eye so alcohol is quickly absorbed. Ta-da—super quick buzz. Who cares about things like cornea scars and burns or blindness?

While athletes might not go for vodka eyeballing (after all, if you’re of legal age, who cares if you have alcohol on your breath), some of them are overdosing on supplements. The challenge is that some of the supplements available on the market don’t really help any more than the old fashioned supplements (and by “old fashioned supplements” I mean food), and can cause cramping, weight gain, increased blood pressure, and heart problems. But don’t worry. You’ll look like a stud drinking them.

It’s actually even worse. Because creatine which is found in many of the most popular protein powders and supplements, can cause problems in higher doses. And by problems I mean blood acidity (which draws calcium from bones) and kidney stones formed by the excess calcium. Fabulous.

And now we have a whole new level of Stupid Stunts, and it’s called the Tide Pod Challenge. Note: In this case “Challenge” is neither aspirational nor benign. Teens are challenging each other to eat Tide Pods. This is stupid, incredibly dangerous, and doesn’t even taste good. Note #2: Detergent can kill you if ingested. Your innards are not a washing machine.

If you know anyone trying any of these idiot moves (or even thinking about trying any of these idiot moves), please, please, please intervene.

Love, Mom