Dear Kid,

Get up.


Get up!


Get up! Get up! Get up!

I think not.

You think yes.


You wanted to get moving today. Lots of things to do. Be productive.

I changed my mind.

Nope, not part of the rules.

I can’t change my mind?

No. Get. Up.

Ten more minutes.

That’s what you said half an hour ago.

But the point of the weekend is to sleep.

Sometimes. But the point of today is to get moving. Get. UP!

Good Lord. Where’s the coffee?

You have to get up to make it. See, right there’s a good reason to get up.

We are going to have to talk about this later.

We can talk about it all you want as long as you get up!



I really have to re-think my relationship with my subconscious.

Love, Mom