Dear Kid,

There are times when we’re happy to be available. Want to go see the new Star Wars movie? I will clear the decks and we will go. There are times when we’re less happy about but we know it’s important and so we make ourselves available. And then there are times when it is better for all concerned if we find that we are conveniently unavailable.

It's perfect. I'll take it. DearKidLoveMom.comCar shopping is high on my list of things to be unavailable for. I don’t know enough to be useful. I don’t enjoy it enough to be entertained (or entertaining). The things that matter to me in a car are not the things that matter to your father in a car…and “discussions” about that will lead to…unpleasantness. And I’ll get bored quickly which will lead to…more unpleasantness.

Better for all that I confine car shopping to short excursions for my own vehicle and not pretend to be involved in any way, shape, or form with any other vehicles. Also, by abdicating any involvement whatsoever, I retain my right to raise an eyebrow and look superior should anything go wrong.

Have fun.

Love, Mom