Dear Kid,

Some things age better than others.

Grandfathers definitely get better with age. DearKidLoveMom.comThe green beans I forgot to cook and eventually discovered in the back of the refrigerator did not age well.

Ice cream cakes do not age well.

Grudges do not age well. Too often the hurt and anger remain long after the reason for the grudge is forgotten.

Fashions do not generally age well. Style is – by definition – transient. Just think of some of the trends of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Worse yet, think of the “must haves” from just a few years ago that you would never-in-a-million-years even consider wearing again.

On the other hand, some things continue to improve with age.

Much of the famous art in the world wasn’t worth much when it was created but is now way, way, waaaay out of your price range.

A great pair of jeans only gets better with age. As long as they are timeless jeans. The trendy ripped jeans will disintegrate and look dated as they age (which is OK, because they look GREAT now).

Leather jackets, the kind that are real, well-made leather, turn warm and buttery soft with age. Yum.

Antiques age well. Otherwise, they’d be called “brokens.”

Wine and whiskey age well. Usually they get better the older they are (unless the wine turns into vinegar, in which case you probably have the fixings for a really good salad dressing, so that’s good too).

Grandfathers definitely get better with age. Calls yours to say Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom