Dear Kid,

Americans are not good about voting. Not that it’s a difficult task (because it’s quite easy) but because we’re lazy. Which means we excel at creating reasons not to vote (stay tune—I’ve compiled the only reliable list of reasons not to vote—we’ll get to it tomorrow or Monday).

In honor of those of us who are choosing to vote (picking candidates wisely or incorrectly depending on your point of view), here are some of the Weirder Facts About Voting in ‘Murica.

Even traveling astronauts can vote from space. If they can manage it, there’s no excuse for those of us less than 5 miles from our polling place.

Before 1804, the presidential candidate receiving the second highest number of electoral votes became vice president. Think about how that would work in this day and age. Go ahead, really visualize. I’ll give you a minute. Now take another few seconds to recover. We’ll proceed when you’re ready.

It is illegal to drink alcohol in Kentucky and South Carolina on Election Day. I’m not sure why. Maybe no one wants to admit that they need liquid courage in order to face the candidate options?

There is no federal agency with regulatory authority over voting machines. This explains a lot. A LOT.

Montana has three times as many cows as people. Cows are not allowed to vote. Weird facts about voting in AmericaMontana has three times as many cows as people. Cows are not allowed to vote.

Love, Mom