Dear Kid,

There is a lot of important news in the world. Since you are a Busy Person, I have accumulated some of this importance so that you won’t have missed anything.

As Mashable points out, Snoopy is now on Vine.  Until now, I have completely ignored Vine. But if Snoopy is there, well, I’ll be investigating big time. Once I know more, I’ll report back. Probably.

Coca-Cola has a can that splits in half for easy sharing. Apparently it’s a concept can rather than something they are going to launch world-wide. It’s a cool marketing idea (although it seems to me that a 6-pack of cans makes more sense if you really want to share with friends).

There is now a big debate about Lethal Autonomous Robots (LARs) which are programmed to kill without human supervision. If someone can figure out how to modify the technology so that the robots keep our house bug-free, I’m all for it!

Fan TV has launched a new-fangled way to watch tv. Apparently it is “a game-changing new way of navigating options on your TV.” Whether the game is changed or not, it looks dang cool and I love the idea of options to cable.

See how much you miss when you sleep late? <grin>

Share a Coke Zero and a smile, don’t play with LARs, and please call Grandpa to say Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom