Dear Kid,

Recipe for Thanksgiving

What do you mean "We're having turkey?" Go vegan! Dessert, pie, potatoes, veggies, Yum. Thanksgiving. DearKidLoveMom.com1 turkey

1/2 gallon of gravy; zero lumps

1 dish of sweet potatoes

1 dish of mashed potatoes

Corn soufflé

Green beans with almonds

Roasted Brussel sprouts

3 kinds of cranberry sauce

Sage stuffing

4,872 mini pumpkin muffins

Rolls. Lots and lots of rolls

15 football games

1 Thanksgiving Day parade

2 dogs

4 pies

17 friends

Water with ice

Adult beverages in appropriate amounts

1 surprise guest

2 naps


Two dogs and two people taking naps

Hearts full of thanks and gratitude

What’s your recipe?

Love, Mom