Dear Kid,

Snopes is a buzzkill.

Well, Snopes and reality combine for a buzzkill.

Not that I don’t appreciate knowing that I don’t have to rearrange my schedule to see the moon turn green (for a 90 minute period on April 20th or possibly in May depending on which bit of fiction you prefer). But I was kind of looking forward to seeing a green moon (visible for the first time since 1847!). Snopes apparently checked social media records from 1847 and discovered that the moon wasn’t green then and won’t be green this year either.

Snopes also says that the Risqué Prom Dress wasn’t (probably) a prom dress (although it was risqué), that the As the World Berned photo was taken in Paris during a Charlie Hebdo protest (and not at a Bernie Sanders rally), that the obese tiger was photoshopped, and that unicorns don’t poop rainbows.

Incredibly disillusioning.

Custard the Cowardly Dragon by Ogden Nash.On the bright side, I learned that Puff, the Magic Dragon was based on a poem that was based on Ogden Nash’s Custard (as in the Really-O Truly-O Cowardly Dragon). Who knew?

Well, now you do.

Love, Mom