Dear Kid,

Ready or not, Rio is here!

Rio Summer 2016 Olympics. DearKidLoveMom.comDon’t ask me to explain it. I’m as confused as anyone, but somehow it’s August and the Olympics are upon us.

Let’s review the important stuff. Not the economic crisis in Brazil. Or the lack of safety in the streets. Or the subway system (which may or may not reach the end of the line).

Opening ceremonies are tonight. Walk-in outfits are not nearly as awful as usual, but they are (according to some) overly commercial with the Polo logo bigger than some of the athletes.

Not all the venues are in tip top condition (and by “in tip top condition” I mean finished).

The water for things like sailing are A) polluted B) poisonous C) disgusting D) all of the above. Not falling overboard has never looked so appealing.

And Zika. Lots of Zika (even though it’s presumably winter in Brazil). Bug repellent is being sold in 50 gallon drums.

So if the sports are boring, there still will be lots to talk about.

In the meantime, fasten your seatbelt. Not only are the OCs (Opening Ceremonies) going to be more colorful and sexier than usual, they will also be controversial.

Because that’s exactly what Rio needs right now.

Love, Mom