Dear Kid,

Pet Wants kibble and jerky that the Nice Ladies were kind enough to share. DearKidLoveMom.comDid I tell you about Pet Wants? Great company. They make all natural, healthy pet food and were kind enough to share a sample with me (and the puppy). This is exactly what happened.

Puppy: Mom! Mom! You’re home! You’re home!
Me: Hi, Baby
Puppy: Mom! Mom! Mom! Look at my toy! Look at my—you smell different
Me: I small different?
Puppy: You. Must. Be. Sniffed. And your bag Must. Be. Sniffed.
Me: Sniff away
Puppy: (sniff) smells like mom…(sniff) smells like mom….(sniff) smells like mom….(sniff) smells like DELICIOUS!!!

Puppy: I would like some Delicious
Me: You would
Puppy: YesYesYes….I am spinning around because I can’t stand how excited I am
Me: Well, you have to wait a few minutes
Puppy: I have to WHAT??? I can’t wait!
Me: You have to wait a few minutes
Puppy: I don’t want to wait. I’m sitting nicely. See? I’m a good boy. No, I can’t sit still. I’m too excited for DELICIOUS!
Me: Sorry baby. I’m the mommy and you have to wait.
Puppy: This is not working out well for me

Puppy: Waiting…still waiting….trying to behave….waiting…MY NOSE IS GOING CRAZY!!!

Me: Now it’s your turn
Puppy: YAY! My turn! My turn! My Turn! My turn for what?
Me: A Surprise
Puppy: I love surprises! Love surprises!
Me: And it’s good for you
Puppy: Love Surpris—wait a minute. You think baths are “good for you”
Me: Baths are good for you
Puppy: Don’t like baths. Don’t like “good for you”
Me: I think you’ll like this
Puppy: What do you have? It smells sooooooo good
Me: It’s new food. It’s good for you
Puppy: I like food. I love food
Me: Would you like to try a piece?
Puppy: YesPleaseYesPleaseYesPlease……mmmmm…that is Good Food

Puppy: I was right. This is DELICIOUS
Me: I’m glad you like it
Puppy: De-licious. More please
Me: That’s all for now
Puppy: But….
Me: There’s a “But”?
Puppy: But it’s not what I sniffed before
Me: Caught that, did you?
Puppy: I am VERY good at sniffing
Me: You certainly are
Puppy: So…
Me: So?
Puppy: So where is the other sniff?
Me: Have you been a good boy?
Puppy: Very good! Very good! Very good! That. Smells. Amazing.
Me: I think your tail is going to come off, you’re wagging so hard
Puppy: I think my nose is going to explode!!!!
Me: Here’s a teeny piece
Puppy: I love teeny almost as much as I love lots
Me: What do you think?
Puppy: More.
Me: Wait, what do you think?
Puppy: More. More. More. More!
Pi: He looks like he’s addicted
Me: Yep. And the cool part is it’s good for him
Pi: He’s a very lucky boy
Puppy: More!!!
Pi: What are you giving him?
Me: Beef jerky. The nice ladies at Pet Wants a sample of the food and the beef jerky
Puppy: Love the nice ladies! Love the nice ladies! More!
Pi: How can that be good for him?
Me: Don’t you make healthy stuff that tastes good?
Pi: Well, yeah, but that’s because of the ingredients. Oh, I get it
Puppy: More! More! More! I’m in love with the nice ladies!!!

Love, Mom

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