Dear Kid,

Mom's Famous Pumpkin Muffins DearKidLoveMom.comIt’s that time again. And by “that time” I of course mean pumpkin muffin baking time.

Not just the batch I sent to you. This morning I already made another entire batch. And for clarity’s sake, each batch makes a LOT of pumpkin muffins.

In case you’re wondering, it takes approximately 1,000 steps to make a batch of pumpkin muffins in our kitchen. Seems like it should be more. Seems like just watching the muffins sit there and not eating more than one or two (ok, three) should be worth bonus points on the fat burning scale.

It’s also a Day of Getting Things Done. I hope. I’ve already cleaned one drawer of the refrigerator. I have high hopes of actually finishing a project or two today.

Finishing is not one of my great skills in life. I am a certified pro at Project Conceiving and a highly skilled amateur (possibly even semi-pro) at Project Beginning. Finishing? Not so much. Heard of it. Rarely experience it.

Sometimes, Dad will finish a project for me (especially if it’s an outdoor project). We’re a good match like that. Sometimes (especially if it’s an indoor project), he’ll simply ignore the unfinishedness. Sometimes, he’ll point out the unfinishedness (that doesn’t go well).

But today, I have high hopes for accomplishment. Yes, indeedy. And I’m going to finish the refrigerator right after I finish this. And make stuffing for Thanksgiving. And run a few errands. And…

Love, Mom