weather forecast for tonight Dark. DearKidLoveMomDear Kid,

I have been Let Down by the internet. I checked with weather dot com about the weather for last evening. They (the website) assured me that it would rain, but not until after the football game. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It rained, it poured, it drizzled, it showered, it monsooned. What it did not do was wait until after the game.

To be fair, it got much worse after we got home. My friend Sue sent me a text saying that since there were destructive storms on the way, she was eating everything that she would miss if it got damaged. Seems like a reasonable strategy. Personally I’m worried about the animals lining up in pairs. If we don’t figure out where Noah parked, I’m not sure where they’ll go.

And in truth, this is NOTHING compared to what people are having to deal with in Colorado, so I really shouldn’t complain at all.

On the plus side, Daddy is doing a little happy dance because the front planting area is working exactly the way he’d hoped. I think that means he thinks he built a baby rain garden, but since I sincerely did not want a rain garden he continues to call it The Front Planting Area. As long as we haven’t built a mosquito breeding ground, he can call it George if that makes him happy.

Pi is off to football films this morning and then she has a jam packed social schedule. I’m hoping to break up the jam a bit so she can find some time to do some school work. Wish me luck.

Weather dot com assures me that today will be cloudy but quite without precipitation. I assume that means snow is coming. I also think weather people need to learn a new, advanced way to predict the weather called Look Out The Window, because as I drove her to football I was definitely using windshield wipers.

Keep your umbrella handy—pretty sure the rain is headed your way. But I’m not a weather forecaster.

Love, Mom