Pi Day July 22 March 14Dear Kid,

I know that Pi Day is traditionally March 14 and/or July 22, but since your sister is coming home today, it seems like an early celebration is in order.

So Happy Pi (is coming home today) Day.

I will be spending the majority of the day driving to Indianapolis and then driving back with an additional child and 953 tons of laundry, so I don’t have much time to write a long letter to you. Which in no way means you are less important than Pi. It’s just that until I grow a second pair of hands and eyes and/or voice recognition gets good enough to allow me to dictate text, edit, and modify graphics, I’ll be keeping my eyes on the road rather than on a computer.

I know you’re not big into Pinterest, but I have launched a DearKidLoveMom Pinterest page anyway. It will not surprise you to learn that while there are a few semi-serious pins, mostly the pins are of the Amusing Variety. (Mascots are coming.) I am working to make life Exceedingly Easy for you by putting a feed on this site from Pinterest, but I haven’t got the code working yet. Sigh. Stay tuned.

And feel free to check out the site in the meantime. Who knows? You might like it. (Grin)

Love, Mom