It’s Friday Already!!

Dear Kid,

It’s Friday already! I’ll tell you, this 4-day workweek really works for me.

On the other hand, the end of the week means the end of your vacation means the end of having you here….

Sad face.

But it’s 2017 and I’m looking for the Happy, so I think I’ll be happy that we had a lovely visit. And shoe shopping.

Making 2017 a good year one day at a time. DearKidLoveMom.comAnd spring break is coming….sooner or later….

Maybe with shoe shopping!

Love, Mom

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Seriously Sushi

Dear Kid,

I like sushi. I know you like sushi. Lots of people like sushi.

Why would someone say: “Yeah, that fire thing is pretty great, but let’s skip the cooking and go right to raw fish. Preferably with little balls of rice. And all that time we don’t spend cooking? We’ll use it to make the presentation pretty.” Sushi. DearKidLoveMom.comBut who thought this up? How did it occur to someone to say, “Yeah, that fire thing is pretty great, but let’s skip the cooking and go right to raw fish. Preferably with little balls of rice. And all that time we don’t spend cooking? We’ll use it to make the presentation pretty.”?

The part that I really (really, really) don’t understand is the mix of sushi and tempura in the same bite. I’m sure some people (possibly even you) enjoy the crunchy texture and the warm with the cool. I am not one of the people.

But I do like sushi. And great company during dinner.


Love, Mom

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Alternatives for Football to Think About

Dear Kid,

We’ve made it (mostly) through College Bowl Game Season.

Which is no small task when you think about the incredible number of games and the difficulty we mere mortals have in keeping track of everything.

I get that you know which game is which and what players are where and which teams are facing which teams. I’m more of the “hey, look! Football on TV!” kind of gal.

I was never good at keeping track of who was where. But now that they’ve changed all the names (The Joe’s Pizza Bowl—wait, what?) I’m not always even sure if it’s real or made up.

Football teams probably wouldn’t appreciate the swag if the games were sponsored by shoe & Makeup companies. DearKidLoveMom.comPersonally, I think they should re-think the sponsorship thing. I’m sure die-hard fans are going to follow the playoffs no matter what they call it. And those of us who don’t really follow might be a bit more interested if we found out that there was a DSW Bowl and an (Easy Breezy Beautiful) Cover Girl Bowl.

Then again, maybe not. We kinda know better and the teams probably wouldn’t appreciate the swag.

Raspberry suede peeky toe boots? Size 7 with 4 inch heels? Fabulous! Not.

Oh, well.

Fortunately, I have you to make sure I know what’s going on. Thankful for your footnotes. (Get it? Shoes? Footnotes? Sigh.)

Love, Mom

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It’s Day 2 — Let’s Make It a Good Year

Dear Kid,

This is fantastic! We’re on the second day of the year and (as of this writing) we’ve had no major catastrophes in our house.

This is a good start to 2017 and a good sign for the year.

I recognize that there have been some not-so-great things happening in the world. But 2017 just got started; you can’t expect perfection and redirection overnight.

I have confidence.

Today's Goal: Make someone smile. (Making 2017 a good year one day at a time) DearKidLoveMom.comI’ve decided that we (and by “we” I mean everyone in the universe—most of whom won’t pay any attention to me) should make 2017 better one day at a time. I’m not talking about world peace of curing urban blight or finding a good tasting non-caloric chocolate. Some things are best left to the experts.

I’m talking about the things we can impact.

Making someone smile.

Giving an unexpected compliment.

Holding a door.

Letting your mother watch something other than football on TV. (Oops, there I go with the crazy talk again.)

I’m pretty sure we can make a difference if we all try.

Love, Mom

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Happy New Year!

Dear Kid,

Well, look at you. Aren’t you adorable!

Happy New Year! DearKidLoveMom.comYou’re all spic and span and new, with your tiny little self smiling.

I’m not sure if the stork brought you last night or if you just showed up by magic, but I’m awfully glad to see you. I think a lot of us are.

We love babies. We give brand new babies the benefit of the doubt. We know you have a lot to grow into, a lot to learn.

Twelve months from now you’ll be different. Exhausted, worn out, probably jaded. But right now, you’re new, full of hope and possibilities.

And we need that very badly.

So even though the weather isn’t fabulous, and the news is a bit scary, and we all stayed up a bit too late last night to greet you, we’re delighted to say welcome.

We’re happy to have you here, 2017. Happy New Year!

Love, Mom

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Goodbye 2016

Dear Kid,

I am not ready for 2017.

Don’t get me wrong. Like many people, I am MORE than ready to say goodbye, adios, ta-ta, and begone to 2016. But I am not prepared for 2017.

I had plans.

I had Things I Was Going To Do.

I had lists (in my head at least).

I was going to be ready for the new year.

Somehow, it didn’t work out that way.

There are a limited (highly limited) number of hours before the ball drops, and it’s not likely I can get everything done before then.

Once again, I will welcome the new year half ready. Eager, but without the finishing touches that would make me really ready.

It’s like guests coming over and the table not being set and the sink full of dishes. They’re still welcome, but it’s not exactly the Martha greeting you were hoping for.

On the other hand, I have 365 to get ready for 2018.

Love, Mom

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A New (and Better) Way to Diet

Dear Kid,

I’ve decided dieting is all wrong.

For years, the dieting industry has focused on counting what we put in our mouths. This is – by my scientific calculations – completely wrong.

According to my (new and improved) theory, we should get credit for the things we don’t eat.

Pass up the pasta? Lose a pound. Skip the cookies? Bam! A pound and a half. Refuse the temptation of the dessert table? Drop a dress size.

A New (and Better) Way to Diet. Pass by the donut display? Bam! Lose a dress size. DearKidLoveMom.comSee how this works?

My (new and improved) method gives us credit for the hard choices (bourbon soaked bread pudding? Not today, thank you) rather than the easy ones (sure, I’ll have another celery stick).

I’ve convinced my brain and stomach that dieting should work this way. Now all I have to do is convince my hips, and we’re good to go.

Happy today,

Love, Mom

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