Dear Kid,

I think we’re suffering from Olympic Fatigue. After two weeks of the Games, our interest in All Things Winter has faded. Some of us (me) faded earlier than others of us (Dad). You really have to love things like curling to watch two weeks’ worth of chess-on-ice.

By the time the Closing Ceremonies came around, we decided to watch a movie instead. Which may have been a mistake because we saw the last few minutes of the Ceremonies and it seemed pretty cool.

FACT: The US has never won a medal on each day of the winter games. Unlike some commentators, I do not find this fundamentally problematic.

Olympic friendship DearKidLoveMom.comDespite all the warnings of potential catastrophes that never occurred (bombs and other acts of terrorism) and a few that did (missing yogurt and the US’s opening ceremonies outfits), the Olympics were an Absolute Success.

We cheered for our own athletes and we cheered for other countries’ athletes. We had the requisite number of unanticipated victories and unimaginable heartbreak. We had unknown athletes win gold and those on their last Games win glory. We had commentary that was great and some that was less so. We had clear victories and a few controversies.

Mostly, we had two weeks of great Olympics doing what Olympics are supposed to do—bring athletes together from around the world and make the universe a little bit smaller.

Dasvidaniya, Sochi

Love, Mom

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