Dear Kid,

Yes, that magical day has once again rolled around. It is National Donut Day.

Turns out you can choose your spelling: donut or doughnut. It’s up to you. The powers that be (and by “powers that be” I mean spellcheck) approve both versions.

“As you ramble on through life, Brother, Whatever be your goal, Keep your eye upon the doughnut, And not upon the hole.” ― Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin. DearKidLoveMom.comWhence came Donut Day you ask?

Donut Day (or National Doughnut Day if you prefer) was created to celebrate the Salvation Army Lassies who served doughnuts to soldiers during WWI. These fearless women went to the front lines in Europe, providing “home” cooked meals for the boys. Why they believed this would be safe activity is beyond me. Why the US military is still fussing about women on the front lines is an even bigger mystery.

The Salvation Army Lassies also made donuts (often by cooking dough in oil inside the soldiers’ helmets). This led to happy tummies and a return of the “wet look” slicked back hair style.

Back then, donuts were basic dough cooked in oil. Today there are well over 17 b’zillion types of donut (I counted). Back then, soldiers needed additional calories. Today, ‘Murica. But oh, so yummy.

Happy National Donut Day!

Love, Mom

More info on donuts tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it!