Dear Kid,

The numbers from taking your sister to college yesterday.

Have a good semester! DearKidLoveMom.comSteps to finish packing and load the car: 2,000

Steps walking around in Columbus, Indiana while Dad did Dad things: 2,000

Restaurants we checked out before deciding where to have lunch: 3

Steps unloading the car and unpacking the child: 2,000

Carts needed to take everything up to the room: 3

Steps around Target picking up the last few things we forgot: 48,752

Pairs of shoes she took: 43

Socks in her sock bin: Scientists are inventing new numbers to count that many

Out-of-state tuition: More than the socks

Hugs when we left: Lots and lots

Tears after we left: 0 (really)

Hours spent in the car: 5

Hours I slept in the car: 0

Hours I should have slept: 27

Puppies happy to see us when we got home: 1

Number of kids I miss: 2

Love, Mom