Santa Sochi Winter Olympics DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

Merry Christmas and I hope no one you know found coal in their stocking this morning.

There are some people I’ve never met (but whom I have read about) who could probably use some coal as a wake-up reminder. With a note. Maybe “Hey! Pay attention!” or “No more insanity, please” or “It’s time to compromise and get some work done.” Or something like that.

I also hope that the US athletes got an extra helping of speed and strength in their stockings. Yes, I’m already thinking about Sochi. Just in case you weren’t sure, the Winter Olympics (2014) will be held February 7-23. I don’t have tickets, but you can join me (virtually—you still need to go to classes) for the occasional TV viewing.

Which raises a very interesting question. How do you allocate time between classes, studying, and watching the Olympics when you’re at college?

In general, this only happens once during your college career. The summer Olympics shows up (conveniently) during the summer when the majority of college kids are not in school. Other mega sporting happenings are often one-day events (like the Super Bowl and the National Mud Wrestling Championship) so they only eat into your study time for a short window. But the Winter Olympics are An Event and if you let yourself you could easily sacrifice an entire semester to cheering on the downhill skiing hopefuls.

Therefore, Being the Kind of Mother I Am, I want you to know that I shall be providing Insight and Commentary on the Winter Olympics (2014) so that you can easily and quickly get a short summary and not have to sacrifice more than a brief moment of Bio II to keep up with the news. You’re welcome.

To all those celebrating, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Peace and Happiness throughout the Year.

Love, Mom

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