Dear Kid,

It’s Memorial Day weekend (more about that on Monday). On Memorial Day we focus on parades, hot dogs, those who have and do serve our country, and sleeping in (again, more about that on Monday).

But it seems to me that this is a good time to think about other memories as well.

For example, when you were a wee tot, you were convinced there were bears in your room (do you remember this?). No matter how hard we looked together (and found not a trace of bear), you were absolutely convinced.

So I went into my Big Virtual Bag of Mom Tricks and created a spray bottle full of bear repellant. For a few nights, we ritually sprayed bear repellant all over your room. It must have worked because you were never attacked by a bear in your room (and we all got to sleep).

Memories and the Importance of Bear Repellant.

Happy memory weekend.

Love, Mom