Pi Learning to Drive Driving Lessons DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

When it was time for me to learn to drive, Grandma Lala drove me to the High School parking lot. After we switched spots, she said, “Put the left front tire on that line.”

I maneuvered the car, smiled brilliantly at her and said, “How’s that?” “Get out and look” was her response. I did, and found that by using a pair of high powered binoculars I could make out the line I was supposed to have placed the tire on. I got back in the car, maneuvered some more, grinned and said, “How did I do this time?” “Get out and look.” I did and realized it would be only a short hike to the line. Rinse and repeat. Maneuver, get out and look, get out and look, get out and look.

When I told Auntie Ro the story, she laughed. Turns out Grandma taught her to drive the same way. “Get out and look” was enough to send us into fits of giggles.

When it was time for you to learn to drive, I took you to a parking lot, switched spots with you, and said, “Put the left front tire on that line.” You maneuvered the car and glanced at me expectantly. “Get out and look” I said and you did. You had an uncanny sense of where the wheels were but you still did a fair amount of Getting Out and Looking.

I started teaching Pi to drive this weekend. The Family Folklore is strong with that one. “Put the left front tire on that line” I said. She maneuvered the car, put it in Park, and jumped out of the car to see how she’d done. Her first lesson was closer to mine than to yours (her Get Out and Look ended up being something of an aerobics class with all the getting in and out of the car). But not once did I utter those four words of Car Driving Lore. She knew. She Got Out and Looked.

Also, her sound effects were more interesting and higher pitched than yours. Very funny. Best quote of the day, “Oooooh, look at me–Speed Demon! Almost up to 20mph! Uh-huh.”

Up in the frozen northland, Grandma and Grandpa are headed out on a dog-sled ride. In 70mph winds. Brrrrr. Not sure if they are learning to drive or not, but I’m willing to bet that “Get Out and Look” is not part of their entertainment.

Here’s to the freedom and adventure of learning new things.

Love, Mom