Dear Kid,

In all the excitement of The Big News yesterday, I didn’t have time to tell you about our experience at La Terza.

La Terza is an Artisan Coffee Roasterie in Cincinnati. Not only do they roast up extraordinary coffee, they believe strongly in educating people about all things coffee. So on Saturday, Dad and I went over to La Terza for a tour. And education. A tour-cation. A tour de force of tasting and learning.

Learning about coffee at La Terza.

We tasted three different kinds of coffee (Ethiopian, the second one which I think was Brazilian but I’m not sure, and Sumatran).

We learned that when coffee is first brewed, it is too hot for all our happy taste buds. The only ones that work at super hot temps are the bitter receptors. So wait for your coffee/tea/soup to cool from about 180 degrees down to 145 or so to taste the full flavor.

Learning about coffee at La Terza.

We learned about how coffee spread around the world and how it’s now grown on farms. We learned more in an hour and a half than….well, we learned a lot.

Then we got to help in the process! (How cool is that!)

We got to help roast the Sumatran beans. Dad poured the green beans into the roaster. (I moved the lever.)

Dad helped roast the Sumatran beans at La Terza.

When the beans were done, David (La Terza’s owner) ground them up and made us coffee. Freshest cup ever.

Dad helped roast the Sumatran beans at La Terza.

It was a wonderful morning.

Love, Mom