Dear Kid,

You’re living in central-north-east (more or less) Pennsylvania, and you should probably know more than a bit about the baby Penguins (who kept things waaaay to “interesting” this weekend by going into overtime and then winning in a penalty shot shootout).

Wilkes-Barre. DearKidLoveMom.comWilkes-Barre was founded in 1769 and was named after John Wilkes and Isaac Barre who were British members of Parliament and supported colonial America even though that wasn’t BPC (British Politically Correct) at the time. W-B is located between the Pocono Mountains (to the east) and the Endless Mountains (named for the drive between Cincinnati and Wilkes-Barre) to the west.

Wilkes-Barre sits on the edge of the Susquehanna River and they built a really nice levy area called River Commons to prove it.

Planters Peanuts (named for Mr. Planter and Mr. Peanut) was founded in Wilkes-Barre in 1906.

Wilkes-Barre was the first place in the country people could get HBO (yes, really).

The weather in summer is hot, and in winter is cold. In between it’s both hot and cold (oooh, good lyrics for a song).

Love, Mom