Dear Kid,

June 1st is a Most Auspicious Day, full of the promise (but not yet the threat) of summer.

Happy Birthday Grandpa! DearKidLoveMom.comThe earliest recorded June 1st event was the birth of George the Grandpasaurus. This was one of the early Sage Dinosaurs (technically the sageasaurses) known for being kind to other creatures and giving long sermons to babies who didn’t want to nap.

Several years later, Benedict Arnold was court martialed June 1, 1779. CNN (not to be confused with ZNN—extra points if you get the reference) was launched to cover the event. Unfortunately it was launched June 1, 1980, so there was no TV coverage of Arnold’s proceeding.

Fabulous women are associated with June 1. In 1926, Marilyn Monroe was born. In 1968, Helen Keller died. Guess which event had a bigger impact on the world. (Wrong. No one knew who Marilyn was when she was born. Also, she wasn’t named Marilyn.)

In 1533, Anne Boleyn was crowned queen of England.

In 1638, an earthquake was recorded for the first time in the US.

In 1792, Kentucky became the 15th US State and in 1796, Tennessee became the 16th.

Extremely importantly, in 1808, you guessed it, the first US land grant was given to found Ohio University in Athens, OH. Ta-DA!

In 1813, James Lawrence, Captain of the US Chesapeake, coined the phrase, “Don’t give up the ship!” he was, of course, playing an early version of Monopoly at the time. In 1938, the first Superman comic was published. The hero was modeled on the Grandpasaurus. Excellent portrayal.

In 1843, still June 1st, it snowed in Buffalo, Rochester, and Cleveland. Do NOT get me started.

In 1862, Slavery was abolished in all US possessions. Right up there in top ten events of all time.

Happy Birthday to my favorite Sage.

Love, Mom