Happy is a Choice. Be HappyDear Kid,

It’s official. You’re a high school graduate. I know because we got your transcript in the mail today.

It’s the first day of Summer. I know because I looked at the calendar. It is officially time for grilling, sunscreen, s’mores, and lightning bug filled evenings.

It’s World Music Day. Also Go Skateboard Day.

And it’s Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary (Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!)

It’s also What Were You Doing a Year Ago Day (I just made that up). But think about it for a minute.

What were you worrying about a year ago? What things were stressing you out? What were the things that seemed like Earth Stopping Problems?

I’m guessing you’re not entirely sure.

Life is long (God willing); minutes are short. Choose to remember and celebrate the good things: graduation, anniversaries, s’mores. Let the small things, the things that you really won’t remember a year from now, go.

And please call Grandma and Grandpa today.

Love, Mom