Dear Kid,

Once again, it’s Monday. It happens every 7 days, so I’m sure you’re not surprised.

But this is no ordinary Monday, my friend. No, no.

This is a Monday to put a smile on your face.

Happy Love Your Pet Day! DearKidLoveMom.comBecause today is—wait for it—Love Your Pet Day.

The need for such a day is, well, imo, silly. It’s like saying we should have a day called Breathe Oxygen Day. Duh.

But apparently someone (I’m guessing the card companies) decided it was a good idea (completely overlooking the fact that Pets Can’t Read).

For the record, the Best of All Possible Pets is currently celebrating by napping. When I asked earlier, he said he plans to celebrate by eating, sleeping, and trying to convince everyone he comes in contact with to adore him. And he wouldn’t object to some jerky or pumpkin. In other words, business as usual.

If we had a hedgehog, I’d have to go buy mealworms for a treat, which is kind of ick. Did you know that hedgehogs are considered exotic pets in Ohio? I have no idea what that means either, except that you can’t just go get a hedgehog whenever you want.

I’m pretty sure you can’t just go adopt a river otter either…

It’s a good thing we already have The Puppy. Who is only exotic in that he’s ours.

I think I’ll celebrate Love Your Pet Day by snuggling with him.

Love, Mom