Napping with my new Pink Pig! I love my Pig! What is your puppy doing today?Dear Kid,

Did you ever have a perfectly good idea (like maybe writing about the real meaning of the phrase “from pillar to post”) and then do a modicum of research only to discover no one has any real idea where the phrase came from and all anyone knows is that it’s old and means running from here to there which you already knew and is insufficient for a good blog?

You haven’t? Of course not. Neither have I. Who would?

But if you had looked up such thing, you might have gotten sidetracked thinking about the phrase the whole nine yards. (And if you give a mouse a cookie…)

The thing with the whole nine yards is there are about a zillion explanations for the phrase. But it turns out that the whole nine yards was originally the whole six yards (inflation?).

At that point, you might consider finding other obscure phrases.

Or you might decide to take a nap.

Love, Mom