Dear Kid,

Last week, Dad and I went to an event for Ohio River Foundation (shout out) at the Streetside Brewery.

(That’s where I met the insanely cool woman who gets to play with otters. *jealous*)

Streetside Brewery is a nifty little bar out in Columbia-Tusculum (an area founded in 1788, which was a long time ago for those of you that aren’t history majors).

Incredibly Cool Parents Hang at Streetside Brewery

Thanks to the magic of getting-directions-on-cell-phone, I had absolutely no trouble getting there (even though it is not my regular stomping ground). I had even less trouble getting home, because it turns out that if you go the other way you run into Red Bank Road and then boom! you’re home. Or at least I was.

I was there more for the people (thank you everyone) and the conversation than the beer. So I was busy enjoying the beer (and appetizers—the grilled pineapple was a-mahz-ing) when flip! on went a set of really, really bright lights and it turns out that the place was MUCH bigger than I’d thought.

We really were in the brewery and I hadn’t realized it.

So of course I had to investigate.

Incredibly Cool Parents Hang at Streetside Brewery

Streetside hasn’t been open very long (and by not very long I mean they opened sometime last fall). They are busy creating all sorts of interesting beer varieties (you can visit their website here) and being Very Nice People (they put up with me, so that should tell you something right there).

If you find yourself in that part of town, I highly recommend stopping in for a brew or two.

Love, Mom