Dear Kid,

Our front lawn looks pretty good. And by “pretty good” I mean if you drive by at about twice the speed limit without your glasses on you probably won’t notice that the lush green is equal parts grass and weed. Primarily wild strawberry, clover, and dandelions, but there are a bunch of invaders I can’t properly identify.

Our backyard, however, is an entirely different story. Even if you fly by in a plane at 20,000 feet and you’re not paying attention, you can’t help but notice the big, brown patches of not grass.

Puppy: What’s “not grass?”
Me: The brown stuff in the lawn that isn’t grass.
Puppy: I’m color blind.
Me: Good point. It’s the stuff that’s crunchy to lie on.
Puppy: I prefer napping on the soft stuff.
Me: My point exactly.

Brown grass. What we have. Not what we want. DearKidLoveMom.comWe are working to eliminate the not-grass. And by “working” I mean contemplating and talking about. There isn’t much actual “work” involved at this point.

I spent part of the weekend ripping out some of the not grass. You can tell it’s not grass because real grass is difficult to pull out when you have the hand strength of a three year old. And I had no trouble pulling this stuff out. There’s a lot to remove so it will take longer than one afternoon.

Puppy: I napped in the sun while you played with the not grass
Me: Yes you did
Puppy: Aren’t you going to say “thank you”?
Me: Um, thank you.
Puppy: No problem. I like to help

Love, Mom