Dear Kid,

I’ve been watching too much tiny house TV. I’ve been watching the shows where they build tiny homes and the shows where people hunt for existing tiny homes. Who knew there was so much small living in these here United States?

I’ve noticed two important things about these teeny abodes. The first is that they are about 300 square feet and you have to climb a ladder to sleep in a loft that you can’t stand up in. The second is that all these homes have names.

“The Loft”

“The Cottage”

“The Palace”

What would you name your house?“The Mill House”

“The Bungalow”

“The Burrow”

What is with all these properties with names?

Why doesn’t our house have a name? (Beyond “home.”)

Home is a good name, but it’s not really a name you put on a sign and say, “This home is known as Home.” It just sounds weird.

For starters, it doesn’t have “the” in front of it which is apparently critical to the house-naming process.


“Meadow View”


“Top Cottage”


OK, maybe it doesn’t HAVE to have a “The”.

Extra points if you know who lived under the name of Saunders.

I’m contemplating names:

“The Mess”

“The Dustbowl”

“Coffee First”

“The Dishwasher Needs to Be Emptied”

“The Forgotten Chore”

What’s your suggestion for our house name?

Love, Mom