Dear Kid,

Once upon a time (my favorite way to start a story), there was no such thing as brunch. The first meal invented was dinner (although it was called Feed Me I’m Starving). Then Moms were invented and they unionized to create breakfast (known as It’s the Most Important Meal of the Day Now and Forever).

One day, however, Mrs. Joe Neanderthal decided she didn’t feel like making breakfast (The Most Important Meal of the Day). Not only did she not feel like cooking, there was nothing in the Neanderthal cupboard. No leftover sabretooth tiger, no soggy vegetables, and definitely no Fruit Loops for small Neanderthals to snack on.

Now, as I have mentioned, Mrs. Joe Neanderthal was one smart lady—especially for a Neanderthal.

Therefore, as all the little Neanderthals started clamoring for food (breakfast being the most important meal of the day), and Mrs. J. N. rolled over and pulled her fur blanket up around her ears, she grunted, “Brnch s bttr.”

Mrs. Joe Neanderthal wasn’t big on using vowels first thing in the morning.

Once she got up, Mrs. J invented a new meal, proving that “Brunch is better.”

The thing about brunch is that it’s not available most days. So when we have brunch, it’s something special.

Brunch is about the event as much as it’s about the food. It’s about taking time and savoring the meal (there is nothing rushed about brunch). It’s about who you’re dining with. It’s about friends or family (or both if you’re lucky).

But let’s be honest: brunch is also about the food.

Brunch food is luxuriously rich. It’s food you don’t make for breakfast because who has the time? Brunch is creamy eggy deliciousness and extravagant bagel toppings and extraordinary brunchy pastries. Brunch is mimosas and bloody marys. Brunch is seconds and thirds and even fourth helpings.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but I’m pretty sure brunch is the best meal of the month.

What’s your favorite brunch food?

Love, Mom