Dear Kid,

Well, ain’t this ridiculous?

Today is Heat Awareness Day.

It’s 30 degrees below zero and monsooning, and it’s Heat Awareness Day.

The Penguins are complaining that it's too dang cold. DearKidLoveMom.comPenguins are complaining about it being too cold, and it’s Heat Awareness Day.

It’s May 26th. It’s practically Memorial Day. It’s Heat Awareness Day. And I’m contemplating the benefits of a down jacket or three wool sweaters. (And I’ll probably wear both—me, as the Michelin Man.)

But just in case the weather ever warms up:

Wear sunscreen. Lots of it. Reapply frequently.

Drink lots of water. Then drink more.

Find shade.

Wear a hat.

Have another drink of water.

Wear loose, light-colored clothing.

Avoid strenuous activity in the middle of the day.

Take a dunk in the pool.

Remember how you felt on May 26th.

Love, Mom