Dear Kid,

In the beginning the earth was flat and devoid of cake. Since it was before the world was round, you know it was a long time ago.

Then cake was invented. Just like the world, the first cakes were flattish because no one remembered to buy baking powder. We know that cakes were flat because the Greeks called them “plakous” which means flat (really and truly). In those days, cakes generally had nuts and fruits and were sweetened with honey.

Once people started exploring (sometimes going all the way to the corner by themselves), bakers began making fruitcakes and gingerbread because they lasted a long time. Many even lasted until the 20th century.

Then someone invented ovens and someone else learned how to refine sugar and – ta da! – cake.

Cake ingredients were expensive so cakes were reserved for special occasions. If you didn’t have a lot of money, cake occasions might occur once or twice a year. If you were rich, you might celebrate special occasions (o-cake-sions) like Tuesday.

It wasn’t until the 21st Century (now) that the ultimate 16 layer cake was invented. That much cake is the definitive illustration of having your cake and eating it too.

Love, Mom